Keeping up the momentum!

UNAIDS[1] reports a 52% reduction in new HIV infections among children and a combined 33% reduction among adults and children since 2001.

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Bringing Hope

Dani Choi, from S. Korea, who is working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Drug Users in Mamelodi, South Africa recently went through the Channels of Hope Facilitator’s Training (for those working in the field of HIV and AIDS). 

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Sixty Minutes

11:58, 11:59, 12:00

Narendra* paced slowly back and forth on the rooftop of the Hospital. Any minute he expected to see a doctor climbing the steps with a report that would tell him whether his wife, Kabita*, was also HIV positive. 

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Reinforcing the AIDS link worldwide

By Debbie Meroff 

Ever wonder what's it like to:

  • Make friends with men and women who have been abandoned because they have AIDS, and help them live--or die--with dignity?
  • Create alternative jobs for infected transgender people who have begun a new life in Christ?
  • Show orphaned kids how to dream again?
  • Run a shelter for HIV-infected drug addicts who are shunned by society?
  • Live every day with the virus...yourself?

The 17 different individuals from AIDSLink who met in the UK this 6-11 June could tell you.

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Fighting with Hope

Despite years of skilled work as a mechanic, Yuraj* was jobless after a massive companywide downsizing. Weighing his options, he decided to apply for a work visa overseas.

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