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We first met Angel* in Zambia in August of 2012, she told us she had “that thing”. We told her about our upcoming AIDSLink Channels Of Hope (COH) facilitators’ training and began praying with her so she could attend.

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Without A Vision People Perish

 “It was hell!” one participant said when experiencing what it feels like to be poor in the poverty camp simulation that AIDSLink held in Pretoria, South Africa for a partner organisation.

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Replacing Myths with Truths

“But my blood is clean! It’s red, not black like my husband’s must be,” the woman blurted out, hours after finding out that she too was HIV positive.

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Paul's Story

For over 10 years, Paul spent his life earning money in Mumbai near the red light district. Over time, he became too ill to work. His friend took him to the doctor and he found that he is HIV positive. Not much information about HIV was given to Paul, but according to the doctor, he could live if he took medicine for his whole life.

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A Channel of Hope in the Philippines

It’s estimated that over 200 people a month are diagnosed with HIV in the Philippines. AIDSLink International decided to do something about it.

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