India - Karnataka HIV & AIDS Center

The counseling team is actively involved in the lives of many families who are affected by HIV or AIDS. The team has established a good working relationship with local medical facilities and is able to refer patients for government-approved medical care.

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Living with HIV in Zambia.
Airton from Brazil, has been HIV positive for 13 years. He recently made a trip to Zambia to participate in a conference. He had many chances to share his story of how he has come to the point where he can live positively with HIV.

Transformational Training

"This training was transformational", said one of the 29 participants at the recent AIDSLink Facilitators Training held in Malaysia. It was especially encouraging to hear this comment as it came from someone with a lot of experience, who has been involved in HIV and AIDS ministry for many years.

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AIDSLink International Symposium

31 October - 5 November 2010
Seventeen delegates from around the world will converge on S. Africa in order to discuss the way ahead for HIV and AIDS ministries in the organisation.

This year we have representation from 9 regions or countries. For the first time Russia is being represented.

The delegates will look at issues vital to HIV ministry such as orphans and vulnerable children, sustainable development and poverty reduction.

They will bring reports from their own work and we will look together at how to scale-up those ministries.

This annual symposium has always proved to be very strategic and an encouragement to those working in the field.

AIDSLink Nepal Small Business Training

Thirteen people gather around tables littered with laminated posters, coloured paper, and marker pens. It looks like fun, but for the men and women in the room this is serious business, literally.

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