Giving Hope When Newly Diagnosed - Nepal

Sam* sat on the hard plastic chair and looked down at his hands. After serving 17 years in the Indian army they were tough and calloused, now they shook slightly with old age. He coughed, but the face-mask he had been given upon entering the hospital protected others around him.

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Helping Russia's Drug Users

One of the most dangerous things in Russia today is HIV. About one million people already live with HIV - and the number is growing.

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Paraguay: A wide open door

Paraguay, a small landlocked country in the middle of Latin America has what is considered a low HIV prevalence rate of 0.4%, however, it has a high rate of stigma against people living with HIV, and gender based violence, which increases a woman’s risk of infection, is an everyday occurrence for many.

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Latest from Nepal

An elderly lady attended the support group recently. Her daughter-in-law had just died (from AIDS related causes) and she had travelled 12 hours on an overnight bus to be there with her grand-daughter. She has a strong love for her granddaughter and has moved from her village to take care of her, and AIDSLink will help with things like school fees.

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The earth trembled - Nepal

Update 22 May 2015

It is amazing to see how quickly Nepal has disappeared from the world’s news headlines. However, the people there, especially in the rural areas, are still suffering fear, hunger, lack of housing and aftershocks.

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